Your Website URL Blocked By Facebook While Sharing? Use This Form!



If you are trying to share a website link (yours or others) and if Facebook is blocking you from sharing it, then it’s kinda blacklisted by Facebook for some reasons. Their security systems will detect it as an unsafe link.

Maybe it’s reported by several Facebook users, or it’s spammy overall if your website is innocent and if you want to be unblocked, then you can try this official form.

If the above form link is not working, kindly try this form then.

P.S. I used my personal blog URL ( just for the watermarking purpose, it’s not blocked by Facebook, yet.

Follow “Facebook Forms” tag to check all the necessary “Forms” to contact Facebook!


Thanks Bhaiji you are great:kissing_heart:


I have tried this method earlier but still my blog url is blocked.


Did you do anything on your side bro? Did you promote it aggressively somewhere? Was it an expired domain?


No Bhai.

My main focus on organic traffic rather than social.

I don’t use Facebook much.

But one day while trying to share my blog url got that message.