Your Facebook Ad disapproved? You can appeal back and get approved!



If you have a Facebook Page and if you are actively promoting your business/brand via Facebook Ads, then this might be something you could have faced sometimes. We experiment a lot with Facebook Ads, and Facebook might not allow them all the time, it’s their platform and their guidelines, so fair enough. You can use this Facebook tool to find whether your ad is eligible or not, but there are several chances that they might make a mistake as well on their side, or maybe they didn’t understand the concept of our ad.

Follow “Facebook Forms” tag to check all the necessary “Forms” to contact Facebook!

This is where we can win or appeal and win. I used this appeal form several times, and we did win 2-3 times. You should have a valid reason and insist how Facebook Ads are helpful to your page/business.

You can use this form and appeal a Disapproved Ad. This form will display your recent disapproved ads, if you can’t find yours, you can mention your ad IDs and proceed instead. If you win this appeal, your ad will be approved asap, and it will be active. :slight_smile:

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