Yoast SEO Update: What are Cornerstone Content Articles?



Yoast SEO’s (Premium) recent update introduced something called “Cornerstone Content”. You might have heard about this term before, but if you have not, then here is what that means and how it’s useful for your blog’s SEO.

I used to call “Cornerstone content or articles” as “Pillar” articles/posts. Like, the pillars of our blog, the ones we are proud of, and the ones that represent our blog. Like take HBB for example, we have written plenty of guides related to spam comments reduction, WordPress blog security, make money online, and much more. These are well-researched updated posts, so they act as a ‘pillar’ for our blog. We would definitely want our readers to check these first and enjoy the most.

What’s the role of Yoast SEO here?

Yoast SEO’s new update will have a checkbox below the post editor, you can easily let them know whether a specific article is a cornerstone article or not. If you say ‘Yes’ it is, then Yoast SEO plugin will give top priority to that specific post when they analyze your blog for ‘internal linking’. Don’t ever underestimate ‘internal linking’, this defines your blog’s navigational structure, take “Wikipedia” for example.


Useful stuff. Never knew about such term.


WOW :heart_eyes:

Very easy to understand rather than original post of yoast.

Thanks bro for this clarification.



So my question is this. My site has PC component reviews, guides (maintenance guides and build guides) and news. Guides are important and done on a quarterly basis. I usually post 4-5 reviews per week. I do a fair bit of internal linking whenever I talk about a previously reviewed unit (s). So, are reviews cornerstone articles or would guides still be it?

I am assuming you shouldn’t select that option most of the time?


I would suggest you make a list of articles which are extremely detailed and which can be used as a reference to all the articles bro. Take our site DeviceBAR for example, we have an article for “Best Android Battery Tips,” I can use this article as a ‘Cornerstone’ since I can use this for any ‘Android’ smartphone review. :slight_smile: