Writing articles different from others i not true


Many bloggers say write articles which are different from others but everything is on the Internet. So how could I write different articles, and how can i keep my blog different from others ?
I see many bloggers who make lot of money with the articles which are not different and found on the internet very easily, how are they making that traffic and money?


I agree with what you said bro, everything is on the Internet, unfortunately, but still, you can make yours stand out of the crowd with creative ideas. Take this for example:

When the whole internet was writing reviews or making YouTube video reviews for Google Pixel, there was a guy who did Google Pixel Water Resistance test first on YouTube. See, that was something unusual, and people were really curious to know whether Google Pixel can survive in the rain or if you accidentally drop it in a swimming pool… of course, he risked his smartphone, but at the end, it worked, and he earned plenty of subscribers/viewers, etc. This is one way of doing things unusually bro. You can apply this strategy to any niche.

If they are getting traffic or money, then that means they optimize their blog exclusively for that bro. They might get good traffic from Social Media or referral traffic. If you want to write an article about “How to install WordPress on DigitalOcean web hosting?”, then either you can try to write a step-by-step tutorial article with screenshots, or you can, do something different like, use GIF images instead of those screenshots, even this small difference can make a huge impact in your blog’s branding. :slight_smile: