Would you like to test run a new premium affiliate platform for free?



I am working on a startup and we have created a new affiliate platform which solves all the issues that are generally faced by affiliate marketers. We have also developed a better alternative for AD-SENSE.

Also, I am attaching a small presentation for better understanding of the entire concept.
Link to the Presentation: http://inr.deals/publisherppt
I would really like your review on the system.


What is your rev-share?

There are already some platform which aggregate best deals automatically, and we can monetize our-self by signup individually on flipkart and amazon affliate program. And you’re using vcommission API in middle, to track paytm and other e-shop lead, right? So rev-share is important factors here. If you implement server/pixel tracking in your side and do business direct with paytm then I think publisher can earn more money.


As you mentioned that you have to singup individually to each affiliate program, which creates a hassle for you and makes it hard to scale, plus you have high threshold on each of these merchants (1k+) to withdraw the money. On our platform you can work on all these platforms from one dashboard. The threshold is 500/- and it doesn’t matter which merchant the comes from. As long as its 500/- you can withdraw it.
Plus we are using various other API’S and which helps us get higher commission from them. We work on 80-20 model which helps us provide you guys more.