Wordpress vs Blogspot


Hello Guys I Want To Know Tht which is the best platform for event blogging. Am always using wp for event blogs and never tried blogger for event blogging so i want to know there is any other benefit of blogspot for event blogging. Its not for RT or Hosting purpose


Hey bro, I have seen plenty of people preferring Blogger.com blogs for event blogging, the main reasons are: 1) It’s by Google 2) Hosting is free

But, IMO, I would prefer WordPress since we can experiment with various plugins and you can easily use DigitalOcean’s basic plans for this.


@pradeepkumar Yap bro thnk you i know wp is best and DO also thnk you bro



Blogger is really better for beginners. Here are some things to note about Blogger

  1. Blogger is free

  2. Blogger is really optimized for search engines. Based on my experience, it is easy to rank higher with the free subdomain of Blogspot.

  3. Blogger blog gets Adsense approval easily when compared to Wordpress.

  4. As Blogger is a product of Google, it is almost impossible to hack Blogger Blogs. So extra security when compared to Wordpress.

So, for beginners, Blogger is good. For experts, Wordpress is the best.


Use both Blogger and Wordpress for event blogging. Both have their pros and cons

  1. Easy to use and many plugins available.
  2. You need very good hosting for this else you can face downtime during event.


  1. Free and can handle huge amount of traffic.
  2. Difficult to customize.