Wise to use Fiverr for SEO? For few Post?


Ranking a post isn’t an easy task for anyone but making backlinks and knowing if your SEO is correct or best is even harder.

To make my job easier, should I hire a Fiverr guy to do SEO for my post?
Will it be helpful and worth the cost?
Never used Fiverr so have no idea about the quality of work.
If not Fiverr then can anyone you know do this job for some bucks?
The whole thread is only about 1 single post
SEO includes On-page and Off-page SEO of the post.


Whenever you hire someone, you must have knowledge about it. If you don’t have a strong SEO knowledge then how you can sure that fiverr gig is right for you or not.

The fiverr people does not have all knowledge about SEO, they are good in only specific task, for example they may have list of web 2.0 properties, on which they can add your site links for backlink purpose. But they are not good in ON page seo as well. If they are expert in all things, then they can make their own site and earn more money from it.

Pro blogger only hire specific fiverr gig, not all in SEO package. They hire web 2.0 backlinks expert, they hire social signals experts, they hire people who can build backlinks from magazine site like forbes. So if your purpose is hire fiverr people who can do your all SEO task then you’re going wrong. And please don’t ask for suggestion like which fiverr gig is right for you, you must learn your business fully then hire someone.


Thanks @Goyllo bro for guiding me. Its was stupid of me asking for a gig to perform all the SEO :stuck_out_tongue:

Suppose, I want to rank higher for a specific keyword and the current position of the keyword is between 11-20 i.e the second page and the difficulty of the keyword is low then what should I do to increase the ranking or to rank in the top 3 search results? And how should I go about it?

I am not a pro in SEO but I can say that it won’t be hard for me to rank on the first page for that keyword but I don’t know what I should do can you help?


People who have basic SEO knowledge can also find lower kw difficulty query using third party tools like semrush, kwfinder and ahrefs. It’s not big deal for anyone, fiverr people can also find that. But they provide service why? because Google use 200+ signals to rank website. If someone pro is expert in link building does not mean they rank always, even they always suggest newbie to first create a great content. Without great content, you can’t rank for specific keywords even forbes, entrepreneur links to you.

Sorry but your question is same. I would suggest first rank your website yourself, and once you become a expert on that then hire someone. Fiverr people are not SEO experts, they just provide service, if you think from all side you’ll get your answer.