Will i get penalized for this

(Soham Pratap) #1

I have a post but I will only add videos that I will embed through some script.
But I will not write any written .
Will I get penalized

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

I don’t think you will get penalized for this bro. “9GAG.tv” is doing plenty good with YouTube videos alone. :slight_smile:

(Samba Siva) #3

No Bro,

You will never be penalized for embedding videos.

But I suggest you to add some text in the post.

Otherwise, your blog will get low traffic from search engines.

For example,

If you are adding videos about " Seo ".

Brute adding videos, Input something like,

Seo is very hard. Beginners may feel … Now we will see some videos about What is Seo.

Then you can get some high traffic from search engines.

(Soham Pratap) #4

Thank You @pradeepkumar @Samba_Siva

(Samba Siva) #5

It’s OK Soham.

If you have any queries, just post them on HBB and we will answer you