Why you should include "Health" Topics on your Normal Blog!


I’m sure most of you have a single specific niche blog like tech, food, movies, books, etc. That’s actually pretty good to target a specific audience and get traffic/sales, but is that enough?

I started multiple brands because I know for sure if I can make one successful then I can easily drive the traffic or attention towards other blogs.

If you have a single niche blog, then you need to pick up another extremely popular ‘niche’ and link with that. You can actually do that as long as you are experienced or passionate about that.

A few days back I was checking everything we have in our network and we compared it with what we are scared about the most in our life - Our Health.

Interlinking ‘Health’ with your niche will upscale it further and reach more people for sure.

No, you can’t become a doctor and share tips for everything, but you can indeed start with something you can relate.

★ If you have a Tech Blog, talk about Samsung Health, Apple Healthcare, Google Fit, and the Fitness bands, much more… Xiaomi got a bunch of products related to these, for tracking your health, weight and much more… talk about them.

★ If you have a Food Blog, talk about organic foods, fruits, vegetables, etc. Anything that helps us to keep us healthy.

★ If you have a Movie Blog, talk about the various genres related to “Health”… “Movies based on bipolar disorder,” “Movies about multiple personality disorder,” “Horror movies and Calories,” and much more…

★ If you have a Fashion or Lifestyle Blog, talk about how to keep our skin healthy, hair healthy, and much more. Talking about makeup and beauty is fine but natural tips reach more people and will always be appreciated.

★ If you have a Travel Blog, talk about how ’ traveling’ helps you to remove you from your stressful life, why fitness is important for trekking, taking care of health while going to snow places, etc… and much more.

I can talk about this for hours but this is the whole thing. Connect “Health” with your niche and I’m sure you can see the difference in the blog’s overall exposure. You are, by default, helping everyone with their personal life as well. All the best. Let me know if you have any queries. Love. :heart:


I guess that’s why I see lot of Tabola and Outbrain ads on health on popular media sites like ndtv, timesofindia etc… Health is something which everyone tries to connect/relate.