Why we use "Branded Short Domains (BSD)" for our Blogs?



These are the list of “Branded Short Domains (BSD)” we use for our Slashsquare blogs/brands:

  1. HellBound Bloggers (HBB) - https://hbb.me
  2. MoviesDrop - https://movie.sc
  3. DeviceBAR - https://device.is
  4. FoodGravy - https://food.gy
  5. BookWritten - https://book.tf
  6. Photovity - https://photo.yt
  7. GameThem - https://game.gy
  8. MusicUnbox - https://music.bi
  9. Pradeep Kumar - https://pradee.ps
  10. Slashsquare - https://ssq.re

And 5 more upcoming brands also have similar short domains…

But, why am I using these?

I’m not exactly obsessed with Short URLs, but I somewhat feel that they make our links short yet still represents our brand name.

This is the Original URL:


This is short, of course, but, what about this?


But, how come these are useful? You can take these examples…


We are using Bitly for our short links so we can track the analytics here as well.

USEFUL: Set Up Branded Custom Short Domain URL For Your Website Using Bitly

You can also mention such short URLs on images & videos, it’ll be easy for the viewers to type them in the browser.

And yes… Facebook, how can I forget… you know that if we post an update with fewer characters our status update font will be larger? For example, like this. :wink:

It attracts more people since the font is larger. Interesting trick, I guess?

Any other use for Short URLs?

I recently purchased CloudApp, and I configured a short URL (http://s.pradee.ps) for the screenshots.

So, whenever I take any screenshots using this app, I get this short URL automatically generated for each screenshot link.

This is the short URL generated for the screenshot: https://s.pradee.ps/shmA

Cool, right?

Like this, there are plenty of uses, you just have to be creative. You can shorten your affiliate links using this and share on platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. But, please, don’t spam.

We recently got Replug.io subscription, which is a pretty cool CTA URL Shortener, check out this link: https://r.movie.sc/dprmv

It redirects to one of our MoviesDrop articles and within 4 seconds (I configured this) you’ll get a pop-up window (CTA) like this:

I love this a lot. You can use the CTA button for your eBoook, Mobile App, whatever you want…

Any guidelines for registering “Branded Short Domains”?

First and foremost, don’t invest much. You can check our “Domain Discounts” tag section.

You can check out domain registrars like GoDaddy, 101Domain, and Name.com for this, they have plenty of ccTLDs (country code top-level domain).

Next, make sure it represents your brand, somehow.

  • Take “FoodGravy” for example, we got the short URL ‘food.gy,’ so here, ‘Food’ is our niche and “.gy” represents “Gravy” somehow, right? That ‘G’ and ‘y’?

  • Take “HellBound Bloggers” for example, we fondly call it as “HBB,” so we picked “hbb.me.” As simple as that.

  • The last example, for “MoviesDrop”, we picked “movie.sc”, because in one way or another, when you see the domain, you can see “movies” right? With “.s”?

That’s all. But, most importantly, you should like the short domain URL and it should present your brand/niche, that’s all. Best wishes. If you have any queries, let us know. :slight_smile:

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nice thought in fact was easy and apply it soon. present using google short url


How do you get it indexed by Google bro?


We don’t need to index them bro… not really necessary. :slight_smile:


How much did it cost to get movie.sc and food.gy?


Should be around $100 for .sc and $50 for .gy bro… the price varies for different registrars. :slight_smile:


Good information Pradeep. Thanks a ton for sharing it.

But do you actually think that it’s investing in short URL’s for a start up website?


Thanks buddy! Not really necessary but it’s not a huge investment as well, look out for cheap ccTLDs and if you can find them, then grab them and use that for branding your blog! :heart: