Why the words are bold in meta description?


Above is the search result for querysave iphone battery
These words are bold. Why they are bold?

Did the admin set the meta description in that way or google will highlight the words in meta description which match the search query?


Words change bold based on search keywords. I think you search keyword contains these following words conserve iPhone and battery. So, That words are displaying bold.

You, Don’t need to set meta description with bold tags.


But My search query is save iPhone battery
But the letters in bold are conserve, iPhone, battery
battery and iPhone words are in my query but not conserve

I think the answer to this is different from what you answered


Conserve is synonymous of Save. So, Conserve looking bold in search results.

Same Words or Synonymous with the words also looking bold in search results.


I agree with @svignesh1994

Google also highlight synonymous words into search snippet.


Hi Anvesh,

According to search google show bold meta description words which are synonyms of the search query.


Hi @Anvesh,

They are right. Google shows the synonyms for the keywords being searched. These synonyms are known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. In simple terms, these are the keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword. It is based on user search patterns and behavior, how one keyword search is usually linked to another keyword search.

For instance,

Here, search query is buy genesis framework. However, Google highlighted (highlighted in red color) LSI keywords found:
1. buy - purchase
2. genesis/genesis framework - StudioPress (as this is StudioPress’s product)

Hope it is clear now :slight_smile:

Tip: In case of keyword optimization in your article, avoid keyword stuffing. Use LSI keywords for the same purpose. Even Google has pointed that by using more such keywords, your web page typically ranks better.