Why my website not showing with green padlock?



There are so many beginners level bloggers, a developer who used a .htaccess file to redirect an HTTP connection to HTTPS but still not getting green padlock with website URL as a result security notification will be shown for your website.

What is the green padlock?

Most of you may don’t know what is a green padlock, let’s first clear this doubt.
A green padlock will be assigned to your website as soon as you install the SSL with redirecting all internal and external URL to HTTPS.

The reason why green padlock not visible after installation SSL and redirection (HTTP to HTTPS)?

The common reason behind that - INTERNAL LINKS & EXTERNAL LINKS
If you are internal links and external links embedded with starting HTTP instead of HTTPS then for website URL green padlock not going to be shown.

Example -
INCORRECT - < a href=“http :// abc. com/test.png”>
COORECT - < a href=“https :// abc. com/test.png”>

Solution -

  1. If you are having WORDPRESS website then simple install “Really Simple SSL Plugin”. The plugin will replace all internal and external link’s starting HTTP to HTTPS.
  2. If you are having a plain coded website then you need to manually do it from your end. You need to replace all internal and external link’s starting HTTP to HTTPS.

If your all links starting from HTTPS then green padlock will be visible as below.

  1. You can check Why Green Padlock Not showing from >> https :// whynopadlock. com/
  2. Get FREE SSL Certificate from >> https :// sslforfree. com/

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