Why my AdSense earning auto withdrawn from my bank account?


Today, My August 2017 Adsense Deposit amount auto withdrawn from my bank account. I contacted bank but they said to contact money sender.

August 2017 Money Deposit Screenshot with GST+Tax+Commission

15 Nov 2017 Money Auto Withdrawn Screenshot and GST+Tax+Commission back to my account

Auto withdrawn only August earning. Other months earning are in safe.

I didn’t get mail from Adsense regarding this issue.

Still Now, My account working and ads showing without any problem.

Now, What I do? Any Solution.


@pradeepkumar bro, close this thread. I got a solution for my problem. Today, I checked my bank account Google sends me two times payments for August 2017.

Check this screenshot

Rs.19,025 is my real earning and Google accidentally send additional Rs.6,669.
that why? Google retake accidentally send earning. I wondered “Google has the power to retake send money” :hushed:

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