Why most of the Blog comments I make land on others Spam folder?


Dear Bloggers,
Since few months, most of my comments I make on fellow bloggers pages lands on their spam folder. Though i published a post recently in this regard to get some solution from fellow bloggers, but sad to note that the response was very poor and i did not get an answer to this.
Is any experts, face such situation, if so, can you suggest the reason why it is landing on others spam folders.
This is the post link i posted on my page: http://www.pvariel.com/google-sent-you-a-check-did-you-check-your-spam-mail-today/
Hope some experts here will suggest some solutions to this problem.
In fact, as many of you know I am a comment author in many of our fellow bloggers, but sad to say that i am now going on a very slow pitch in this issue just because of no use of posting comment to land on spam folders. The thing is that many seldom check their spam folders and my efforts in this regard will just go waste.
Thanks for your responses in advance.

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I’m just curious about this bro, if you comment on my blog post, why would it go to my “Spam” folder unless my email address is spammy? Or there is anything I’m missing here bro? :open_mouth:

Are you talking about emails like this?


Thanks PradeepKumar for the response and the screenshot,
I was talking about the comments i make on other blog posts,
These days after typing the comment before pressing the send button I take a copy of it and I inform abou the comment i made thru their email or thru chat, fb gmail etc.
To alert about my comment to check their spam folders, a good number fo them said yes i got it from my spam folder and of course few said, it landed on the right place, i used to comment with my gravtar email pvariel and by using my original full name Philip Verghese Ariel, may be the length of the name is the culprit, i thought and start using the short form of it philip v ariel but still it likes to go to the spam folder, I have a practice of writing long comments, i thought that may be the reason so i reduced the length of the comment, but no use, still in search what is the reason for this phwnomenon, few said even their comments are going into the spam folders.


Bro, just for clearing some things, can you comment on this post using the same details:

We’ll see how exactly your issue happens and how we can fix it bro. :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar oh sure let me check.


@pradeepkumar you mean the questions i raised above?
I just checked the page.
pl let me know
can we talk privately in this forum? I mean chat
Just to clear some doubt regarding this


Yes bro, we can talk, do message me. :slight_smile: