Why CPU usage too high in Digital Ocean?



I am using digital ocean $10 plan. But My site going down regularly. After switch off and ON droplet, Site will starts work. I regularly do this activity. Any solutions Check my CPU usage screenshot.


did you check your error logs? You can find a lot of information in it.


I already checked. No issue in error logs.


The more traffic you get the more CPU it will use.

There are so many techniques to improve your site performance.


No bro, This is not a website. This is a mobile application. I just used digital ocean 10$ plan for hosting 60+ API. Now, This application is not launched. 5 to 10 members only using this app. Why CPU usage is high with this 10$ plan?

Note: Laravel Framework used for API creation.


Framework like Laravel, Django, ROR always use high CPU, you can’t do anything on that. It comes with lot’s of codes that handle authentication+ URL handling + database management. It is same like you’re using bootstrap but you don’t want to use more CSS codes.


Thanks for your information @Goyllo . Now, I change $10 plan to $20 plan.