Why CPU usage too high in Digital Ocean?


(Vigneswaran S) #1

I am using digital ocean $10 plan. But My site going down regularly. After switch off and ON droplet, Site will starts work. I regularly do this activity. Any solutions Check my CPU usage screenshot.

(Amar Ilindra) #2

did you check your error logs? You can find a lot of information in it.

(Vigneswaran S) #3

I already checked. No issue in error logs.

(Arjunsinh Chauhan) #4

The more traffic you get the more CPU it will use.

There are so many techniques to improve your site performance.

(Vigneswaran S) #5

No bro, This is not a website. This is a mobile application. I just used digital ocean 10$ plan for hosting 60+ API. Now, This application is not launched. 5 to 10 members only using this app. Why CPU usage is high with this 10$ plan?

Note: Laravel Framework used for API creation.

(Arjunsinh Chauhan) #6

Framework like Laravel, Django, ROR always use high CPU, you can’t do anything on that. It comes with lot’s of codes that handle authentication+ URL handling + database management. It is same like you’re using bootstrap but you don’t want to use more CSS codes.

(Vigneswaran S) #7

Thanks for your information @Goyllo . Now, I change $10 plan to $20 plan.