Who knows many ways to make money online


everyone share each and every way you know to make money online even if it is an illicit way.

  1. Of course Blogging- SEO, AFFILIATE marketing.
  2. surveys.-no skills required just spend time.
  3. betting on sites like bet365

Illegal-hackers favorite spots

  1. buying Credit cards on the dark market.
  2. Stealing bank details by targeting a person.
  3. E-whoring.

legal or illegal you need skills in that area.



  1. Blogging.

  2. YouTubing.

  3. Dropshipping.

  4. Domain/Website Flipping.

  5. Freelance works via Fiverr, Upwork, etc.


  1. Webcam shows.

  2. Selling & trading prohibited stuff via Dark web.

  3. Countless ways, but mostly related to adult (sex) stuff…

True, but we can definitely use those skills to make money legally… or at least ethically. :slight_smile:


What are these ways can you explain plz ?


You can learn about Dropshipping here bro:

Domain/Website flipping is like, if you have a cool domain name or have a website which is good, you can sell that to others, people do this as a profession, they use services like Flippa to sell them. :slight_smile:


Is it a viable option to start dropshipping in India with current state where there isn’t much source to do it successfully??


Please Suggest me the Best Affiliate marketing program for my blog. My blog gets 300-400 daily visitors. Suggest m some affiliates with low payment threshold and Provide money for even Sign ups :blush:


Dropshipping doesn’t exactly involve any significant investments bro, we can use this free Shopify trial account and start to experiment. I know there’ll be some pros and cons in this field, but it’s definitely worth checking out… maybe it’s not yet ready for India, but we don’t really need to target Indian audience in the first place. :slight_smile:


This traffic count is a little bit less bro, but I would suggest you sign up on ShareASale, Impact Radius and other portals. See, it all depends on the kind of articles you published on your website, if you have articles about eCommerce, then sign up for Shopify Affiliate program and promote it there. :slight_smile: