Which one is best URL with www or non www url?


I noticed hellboundbloggers & moviesdrop has no www in URL. Why @pradeepkumar bro? Any Seo trick



There is only one key reason for opting this format. :smiley:

It makes the URLs look shorter. :’) I don’t think there is any SEO benefit for this, but I honestly think ‘www’ is unnecessary these days, it’s just a sub-domain overall and won’t be adding any specific usage.


bro, you always thinking different :sunglasses:
Nice Idea. I also try this on my new blogs.


I think not mater www and non www url this is you preference
The best practice is to choose one version of your domain as the “true canonical” and then 301 redirect the others at the server level by means of mod_rewrite code. Doing so will consolidate your content, incoming links and PageRank and greatly increase the root domain authority of your site.


It doesn’t matter, if your url is already short then you can add www and if you have longer domain name then you should exclude www. It makes shorter domain and easy to remember.