Which is the best and free wordpress seo plugin


Hey Guys,

I am new to wordpress. Everybody, asked me to optimize my blog posts for Seo. So I need some help from wordpress experts. My question is " Which is the best and free wordpress Seo plugin in 2017 ?

I am asking 2017 because, updated plugins are very good right. So please help me


Yoast SEO is considered to be one of the best free SEO plugins for wordpress.


Thank you Rajan for the quick reply,

But, Many bloggers were using a sentence " Yoast seo is only good for Experts ". Do you have any other seo plugin ?

Or, could you please give me a link to the tutorial on How to setup Yoast seo plugin ?


I agree with @Rajan, Yoast SEO plugin is the best one for WordPress. Setting up this plugin is not difficult bro, let us know if you face any issues during your installation and setup. :slight_smile:


Its not just for experts. I am using it since i started blogging…and it is really easy to use…
just you have to enter your focused keyword, meta description and some other things if you want …and you are ready to go :slight_smile:


Thank you Rajan and pradeep for express replies. I will install Yoast Seo plugin in my wordpress blog. I will let you know, If I face any issues.


Yoast SEO is my favorite SEO plugin, available in free and premium version. I like its Focus Keyword features a lot.

In the free version, you can use only 1 Focus keyword, and in the premium version, you can use multiple Focus keywords.


Thank you all for the answers and I finally learned that " Which is the best and free Seo plugin ?. The answer is none other than Yoast Seo.


Yoast is the best option if you are looking for WordPress SEO plugin. I personally prefer using Yoast SEO plugin. But, for your knowledge, I would like to name a few more options that you can prefer. One is SEO plugin by Squirrly and other is WordPress SEO Ultimate Plugin. Both these plugin has their own benefits and disadvantages. Talking about Squirrly, when you enter a keyword in the box, Squirrly will pop up images (the images are free from copyright fringement). It will also give you blog posts that use the same keyword and you can copy paragraphs of these in your own post. But, this will be duplication. So I suggest you write your own unique article. The software will analyze your text as you write and turn green when it is properly optimized. Once you have finished and published your post, the Squirrly Performance Analytics gives you an indication of their performance on social media and also their Google ranking. Squirrely will not override your existing SEO settings. You can refer this article. It has a detailed explaination. For Ultimate SEO plugin, here are some benefits that you cannot get with Yoast - DeepLink Juggernaut and Penguins: The Deeplink Juggernaut can provide automatic links between posts and pages that focus on a specified keyword, thus maximizing on-page linking relevancy. Simply enter your keyword, and Juggernaut creates the links. Google rewards sites that link like with like rather than those that link every page with every other.

You can make your links ‘Follow’ or ‘Nofollow’ on an individual basis. You can exclude certain pages from linking, such as Contact pages, and also the maximum number of links coming into each page. You can also control the maximum number of times a specified keyword can be used in anchor text. This is very important because overuse of the same anchor text can be punished by Google’s algorithm updates.