Which Indian Bank is best for receiving Adsense Payments?



Hi guys,

I need your help. I have 3 questions in my mind. Please help me to receive payment in my bank account.


  1. Which bank is best for receiving Adsense Payments?

  2. How much commission fee will be taken by HDFC bank for AdSense wire transfer India?

  3. Which bank charge low fees for receiving Adsense payment?

Currently, I have 3 bank accounts. HDFC, ICICI and Canara Bank. Please suggest me the best one for receiving Adsense payment.


I have been receiving adsense payment in my Canara Bank account since January 2014 with no issues till now. The bank did not even call me to confirm the payment even once. It auto credits usually on 23rd evening or 24th every month if there are no holidays in between. While I don’t know about HDFC and ICICI, Canara bank charges about ~150 rupees for currency conversion no matter the amount of transfer and also gives one of the best exchange rates. October exchange rate was 64.905 and November exchange rate was 64.655.


I cannot say about any bank but I can tell you my experience with SBI. I have been using SBI for receiving Adsense payments for the past 3-4 years and I never had problem.

But how?

As you can see on internet there will be lot of users complaining about SBI taking time for credit of Adsense earnings. The secret is the right swift code. I had to face such problem once when I gave nearest branch SWIFT code. The fastest way to receive payment on SBI is to use default SBI swift code. I use this swift code: SBININBBXXX and I receive payments with in 48 hours.

SBI Deducts around 150 rupees for forex exchange etc.

Hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:


I am using Central Bank of India to receive adsense payments. The Overall experiance with this bank is very well. They never put my payment on hold even i havent submited my pancard yet.

Only con of this bank is it takes 3-4 Days i.e I got payment on 24,25 or above it.

The currency rate is good & dont know whether they are charging me for forex exchange or not.


Using Axis and HDFC Bank for most of my payments, I get them within 48 hours. When choosing banks, have a word with their Forex department and test their knowledge about AdSense & PayPal.