Where can I create a free custom logo for my site?


Hello and Good morning!
I want a logo for my site for free. I visited many sites but finally for downloading, they are asking for upto 2.5k INR. Is there any way where I can create a custom logo for my blog for free!


These are my suggestions, bro:

1. You can use Canva Logo Maker. It’s not the best, but it’s decent enough.

2. Use Photoshop. Search for ‘Free PSD Logo Templates’ and edit them using Photoshop.

3. Try Fiverr. They have plenty of creative designers, you can get your logo designed for just $5. (Fiverr 20% Discount Code.)

4. Instead of asking for free logos, you can make a trade with the designer. You can give him/her a backlink on your website for a free logo, or anything. Just trade.

If you can just brainstorm, we can find several ways to get free logos without investing money bro. :slight_smile:


bro i discovered some online free logo makers. Should I give a try there?


Is it illegal to have nearly same logo designs with different texts on them?


Not exactly illegal unless they are heavily trademarked, but it’ll affect your blog’s branding bro, focus on building something unique for your blog’s name.


i visited all online logo makers…
all are paid.
and those who are not paid, they dont have transparent background…


Free versions will definitely have some limitations bro…


thatsy i decided to keep writing content, 5$ logo and printed logo tshirts for promotion in college. Is it a good plan or I should invest in some other way…


I would suggest you invest a decent amount for a logo bro, if you hire a creative logo designer, you can get a good one… because once you settle down with a logo, you shouldn’t change it, at least for the next 5 years.


Can you please tell me where can I get an affordable custom logo?


Go ahead with Fiverr itself bro. Check some interesting gigs, you’ll find the ones you like. :slight_smile:


ok bro…
thanks for advice
going to check