When is the right time to start & target an event blog?



If you are someone who is interested in event blogging and would like to try your hands on this, then this is something you should definitely consider before proceeding - “When should I?.”

I’m going to take the ever popular “Valentine’s Day” as an example for this. Everybody knows this, even a small kid, so this is our target, but at the same time we are crowded with competitors. February 14th is the day we all celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s a popular event all over the world, and Social Media will be literally filled with this. But, that is not our concern, we just need to focus on Search Engines like Google!

Don’t know how to pick Profitable Events for Event Blogging? You can use Twitter for that!

###When Should I Start An Event Blog?

Before proceeding, I’m not an expert in this field; I didn’t make more than a decent 3-digit $$$ figure during my experiments. But, I did learn so many things, and I wanted to share them one-by-one on this forum.

If you want to target “Valentine’s Day” (Feb 14th), then I would suggest you start your blog at least two months before the event. I’ll list out the reasons here:

1) You will have enough time to research about this topic. Trust me; love is complicated.

2) You can build backlinks within a day or two, but to make Google understand this, you badly need more time…

3) You can create a brand (authority) website rather than a temporary event website. By this, you can use the same website for the same event for several years.

4) This is a popular event (worldwide), so don’t underestimate this, you’ll have unimaginable competitors here. So within this 2-months gap, you can spy on them and learn their strategies.

5) Last but not least, if you are going to start an event blog when you have like ten days or something for the event, then trust me, you’ll spend more time in building the backlinks and creating content… by this time, the event will be over. People rarely care about February 15th, 16th, etc… the first three days before the event will be powerful and after that, it’s just another day for us.

Are you an Event Blogger? Do share your experiences with us! :slight_smile:

Keywords not indexing
Any tips for event blog?

Event blogging is great to earn instant some bucks. But, to rank on google needs a lot of invest on backlink and lot of spamming :sunglasses:.
The best event to get the highest CPC are Mothers day, Fathers day and 4th of July.
CPC of keywords of 4th of July is *best *:smiling_imp:


That’s pretty great @Shyantan_Deb, but ‘spamming’ is probably black-hat and if you want to kickstart an event blog asap… then this is something all the bloggers prefer unfortunately. :\