What's your Writing Strategy for your Blog?


Hello Guys,

While I was preparing my strategy for writing posts for my blogs, I was wondering how other bloggers prepare their strategies. I mean, how many posts you write for you blog in a day or in a month. Currently, I prefer to write 3-4 articles in a day, publish one and then schedule the other remaining articles for later. I don’t write articles daily and hence, I always rely on the scheduling of the articles.

I would like to know your strategies on this. Share your strategies with others so it’ll eventually help everyone.


I badly suck at preparing a proper content strategy for our Slashsquare blog network, for HellBound Bloggers (HBB), I don’t think we need a ‘news’ type of content strategy, where I need to publish 5-10 posts per day, I’m just writing tips/tricks, tutorials and other stuff there. so I’m right now limiting the posting frequency, like 1 article per day. By this, I get enough time for promoting it as well.

But for DeviceBAR and MoviesDrop, I want to publish ‘pillar posts’ at the moment, like a “list” post. For DeviceBAR, we have a bunch of pending posts like “Tips to increase your Windows laptop battery life”, “Tips to improve iOS (iPhone) security”, and more like this. For MoviesDrop, we have a list of pending posts like “Best Mindblend movies”, “Best Comedy movies based on true stories”, etc. :smiley:

My blog is my favourite place to hang out on the internet, so I just want them to be filled with content I like the most, so I’m preparing my content strategy according to that. :slight_smile:

How to Improve the Readability while blogging?

Thanks a lot for sharing it here. It’s easy to prepare a strategy but it’s very difficult to follow the schedule :P. I decided that every day, I’ll write 1 blog post for one blog only and next day I’ll write for the other one. However, I ended up with something like, 3 blog posts for one blog and no blog post for the remaining one. Let’s see if I could improve this :smiley:

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This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.


This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.


Before writing first and foremost is to make 4 to 5 headlines for each topic and keep that aside.
Start your first para with the topic in mind, but make sure that what you write in the first para will determine your rest 500 or 1500 words or whatever you write so the first para should be given the priority, this is also the glue by which the reader will stick to your rest of the article.
After you have done with the first para, take a break. don’t complete the rest in one sitting. When you come back you will have a better prospective for completing the article, which in a true sense will be unique, by uniqueness it does not mean passing copyscape. Each article should give the reader a new hope and insights which should not be present in any other blog. This will grow your loyal follower.
So make sure you are not re-phrasing your content.
Now determine the pointers which you will cover in the article, make sure you don’t try to say everything in one blog post, this makes a bad post not a good post.
A blog post by nature should only say and talk about one “point/issue” only.
now come to the conclusion:
this can be open ended, closed or intended.
when you have done with your post, make sure you check all the grammar errors, punctuations, fonts and white spaces.
add good picture/video and sources.
if you can do all these correctly then 2 post per week is enough to start with unless you become a pro.
make sure you have a good distribution channel.
if you are giving 2 days to content, give 4 days to distribution.
1 day you can keep for self learning and social engagements.
Content or blog strategy does not come by maintaining a calendar alone or by just filling up your site with “words of no use”. It comes with self discipline, awareness to habit and by developing a sustainable lifestyle.
Cheers !