What's the difference between the cheap SSL and the expensive ones?



My hosting , namecheap doesnt support free SSL from letsencrypt (that’s what the customer care said :stuck_out_tongue:) so I’m planning to get SSL for my website. So I can see huge variation in the prices of the SSL in different website. What’s the reason?


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Well, technically both of them appear almost the same for your visitors/readers. But…

1) Free SSLs

Take “Let’s Encrypt” for example, it’s open-source, and it’s free. You don’t need to worry about allocating a budget for your SSL (https) every year. We used this for this forum and our main website (https://hellboundbloggers.com) as well, but we worry about two things:

  1. It just provides domain-validated SSL certificates.

  2. It does not provide any warranty if something goes wrong, like a breach.

And regarding “Let’s Encrypt”, it’s valid only for 90 days, but we have a WordPress plugin which automatically renews it, so we don’t really need to worry about this part anymore.

I wouldn’t generally recommend this if you have transactions on your blog or if you are running an eCommerce website. I wouldn’t suggest this. But it’s free.

2) Paid/Premium SSLs

These are the commercial ones, and you have to pay for them. “Let’s Encrypt” just provides you Domain Validated certificates, whereas paid ones provide you extra options like Organization Validated and Extended Validated SSL certificates as well. These are trusted by all the latest web browsers, and you won’t have any technical issues unnecessarily. If you opt for EV SSL, then you can also display your company name (in a green bar) along with your website URL.

But I don’t think you actually need to buy this for a normal blog unless you are ready to invest extra bucks.


Thanks bro. I use namecheap and they say that their servers doesn’t support letsencrypt SSL , they’re just saying to make me buy their product or ? :grin:


Did they provide you cPanel or WHM access bro? :slight_smile:


They provide cPanel access bro!


There is a plugin for installing SSL, can you follow this guide and see if you can find that one?



Thank you bro , I should have researched :stuck_out_tongue:


But still, feel free to ask as many questions as you want in this forum. :’)


Definitely will post a lot in the coming future :smiley:


@pradeepkumar What plugin is that? I’m currently running cron job for auto renewal.


I’m using WP Encrypt WordPress plugin for this bro…


Cheap SSL Certificates are mostly domain validated certificates, where the Certificate Authority verifies the Domain name. CA takes no time (or I can say few minutes) to issue the Certificate. CA verifies domain name via public information of Domain Registrar. CA also asks to verify domain name via either file based verification or email bases verification process.

And Expensive SSL certificates are either Organization Validated or Extended Validated, where the certificate Authority verifies both Domain & Organization. The Certificate issuer needs to go through the toughest validation process. CA verifies in single information or the Organization.

Generally, if you want SSL Certificate for a Single Website with Domain Validated SSL Certificate, you will have to pay the little amount of money, and for Organization or Extended Validation, you will have to pay high.

If you want to add some features like Multi-Domain (security of multiple domains) or Wildcard (security of unlimited sub-domains) the price of SSL certificate may raise.

As the use of SSL Certificates increase since past 3 years, the for price convenience, the users finds Resellers as the best option to buy the SSL. If you compare the price of SSL certificate of Vendor with Resellers, you will find resellers are offering heavy amount of discounts.

Now, If we compare the price of Certificate Authority, then, Comodo, RapidSSL, Thawte, and GeoTrust customers have to pay less but Symantec Customers have to pay high (Symantec adds Vulnerability assessment, malware scanner,


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Let’s​ Encrypt or Cloudflare SSL which one is better?


Complicated bro, “Let’s Encrypt” is good, but their renewal sucks. :frowning:


Since you’ve asked this, Cloudflare’s Free SSL supports only SNI Based Browsers, and that means that your website will not be accessible by older browsers,Windows XP or Older/Android 4.4.4 or Older in most cases.

You should not use Cloudflare’s SSL, Or you’ll see a Drop in your traffic.

From the following point of view, I’d say LetsEncypt is better.


Wrong.! I am running websites with SSL from letsencrypt on namecheap basic started shared hosting plan :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there any way to auto renew


What is the best way to auto renew?