What's the best way to checking traffic of any website?


How we can check monthly traffic of any website? I am not a blogger but I am running some online business so it will be good if I can know how much traffic getting a particular website.


To be honest, it’ll be difficult to figure out a 3rd party website traffic bro, but we can get an idea about how much they might be getting though, tools like SimilarWeb, Quantcast, SEMrush, etc. will help.

But, if you want to try an alternative method, then you can message them and ask them as an ‘advertiser’, they might have a media kit, where you can find all their traffic details. :slight_smile:


Not all website will give you the accurate idea about traffic but try SEMrush. This tool will give you the basic idea about traffic of any website. Below screenshot will give you idea.



Simply, watch his Advertise with us page,there you can find approx. traffic easily of a blog.

If not, Try to surf his income reports, There he will even post his monthly or yearly traffic stats with a screenshot of Google analytics.

If both of them won’t work, Try similarweb, Semrush to find the approx. traffic of a blog.