What would you guys recommend?


Need a suggestion. Should I invest in paid ads or paid guest post/reviews for our company product.


I think, It is better to Go with sponsored reviews.

Could you please, Give the URL of your product.


@amit_kakkar ads are only for the enterprise level businesses according to my view. Because the ROI is very less and the possibility of getting traffic is very less say 1 in10.

If you are ready to spend, try to make paid post in your niche related blog where the traffic is very high. It is a single time investment that gives lifetime benefit. The content is going to be there on the internet whenever related search comes your product will be there as a result, you will be getting traffic even when you not expecting.


If you have enough budget, you can invest on paid ads bro, if not, try guest blogging. Just pick the list of blogs matching your product’s niche and build backlinks. You just need to invest your time for content writing, or you can hire people for that as well, just a single one-time investment. :slight_smile: