What would be the correct anchor ratio for comment backlinks for a micro niche blog?


I’m working on 2 micro niche blogs, both have some good competition.
the first keyword have 33/100 competition and there are all da 40+ domains there.
what would be the correct strategy to outrank them easily?


Hi @Rajan, how old are your micro niche blogs bro? Did you start them recently or? :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar it’s just a month or two old. DA PA is still 1.

I am facing a problem, I don’t know why my comments on other blogs are going to spam folder.
I tried changing the links, email address still its going to spam.


Here is a solution for that bro:

If you really want to rank your micro niche blog, find the popular blog posts with good PA and less Spam Score for commenting… this should help you during your comment backlinks strategy.


ok i have to contact them first. <3