What things to avoid or what should be taken care while creating a campaign?



Hello! It is my fourth Mailchimp account. Other three accounts were banned by Mailchimp without any reason. Then I found out the main reason is behind the campaigns I was creating. So, this time, I wanna be careful.
Somebody tell me what to prevent and what things I should keep in mind while creating Automations and campaigns for blog updates and welcome e-mails.



What reason(s) is that bro? :open_mouth: If you can kindly share that, it’ll be easy for me to analyze and give better answers. :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar The color or unsubscribe button was matching the bavkground color making it invisible. In my laast site, I was using banned words like “free”. They were the reason I guess.
I reached to this conclusion because I noticed that everything was hoing wtong just after creating automations.


@pradeepkumar 4th account also banned right now :expressionless:
I dont know why…!!!
never gonna use it from now. Please suggest any alternative


@pradeepkumar go to this link

You will get know everything! Whole world hates Mailchimp!


They are quite sensitive bro, but I had good experience with them. I’ll tweet them about this and see. :slight_smile:


sure bro…!!!
can you tell me some good alternatives of mailchimp (except Mailpoet and GetResponse)


You can try MailerLite bro, it’s free up to 1,000 subscribers. :slight_smile: