What skills do i need to host Wordpress on Vultr server with free Plesk?


Have anyone ever used Vultr server using their free Plesk service to host a Wordpress blog. Can a non technical user use Vultr + Plesk?

I have previously hosted my wordpress blog on Hostgator and a2hosting using shared hosting. So I am familiar with cpanel but never used Plesk. What other things do i need to secure and run Vultr server?
Do Vultr care about their server security itself?

There is a quote from Vultr blog
" We are pleased to announce that the Vultr One Click App library has a new addition - Plesk Onyx! Plesk simplifies the webmaster’s life by putting powerful tools for managing and updating your web servers into one easy to use control panel. Among the many features, Plesk simplifies website set up, manages email accounts, automates security patching, and gives access to a wide library of useful extensions. Combined with Vultr’s easy to use one-click app deployment, launching a Plesk cloud server is easier than ever! "


Don’t worry Plesk usage more similar to the cpanel. All the options show very easier than cpanel. You already familiar with cpanel so, no issue. Just go ahead.


Thanks for your reply dear…
Do i need anything else to run my Vultr server?

Plesk already have security and setup options in it. Is it enough to run a server or i need to install other softwares too in my server?
Thanks again.


No need. Simply select plesk free plan in Server creation

After, Install you’ll get Plesk panel like this below


Plesk has the UI same same as the cPanel. So don’t worry about this, you will need a little time to get familiar and then you can control it easily.