What Platform is great for blogging: Any body using Ghost?


No command ‘ghost’ found, did you mean:
Command ‘rhost’ from package ‘jdresolve’ (universe)
Command ‘host’ from package ‘bind9-host’ (main)
Command ‘host’ from package ‘knot-host’ (universe)
Command ‘gfhost’ from package ‘gfarm-client’ (universe)
Command ‘qhost’ from package ‘gridengine-client’ (universe)
Command ‘khost’ from package ‘knot-host’ (universe)
Command ‘xhost’ from package ‘x11-xserver-utils’ (main)
ghost: command not found


screenshot of my ghost CMS theme bro?


I m planning to move my 1GB account to 512MB DO Plan manually.
Later Can I upgrade my Instance to 1GB on the GO…?


Ghost-CLI require 1GB RAM
I won’t work properly on 512MB RAM

Hosting Requirements for Ghost


Ghost Pingdom Performance grade D 63
Google PageSpeed is 97


they are just reports bro
which theme you are using?


502 Bad Gateway
nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)
Ghost Error after setting up Domain.


restart Ghost and Nginx

  • open Ghost installed folder & run
ghost restart
  • Restart Nginx
sudo service nginx restart


I remember when Ghost just started, they used to say that, they wanted to make just a Blogging platform. WordPress also started as a blogging platform but it came a long way from just being Blogging (like e-commerce, forum, classified websites, etc). Although, Ghost said that it’ll just focus on being a good blogging platform and not to try to be something else.


? Do you wish to set up “ghost” mysql user? Yes
MySQL user is not “root”, skipping additional user setup
:information_source: Setting up “ghost” mysql user [skipped]
? Do you wish to set up Systemd? No
:information_source: Setting up Systemd [skipped]
Running sudo command: /var/www/ghost/current/node_modules/.bin/knex-migrator-migrate --init --mgpath /var/www/ghost/current
:heavy_multiplication_x: Running database migrations
A ConfigError occurred.

Error detected in the production configuration.

Message: Invalid database host
Configuration Key(s): database.connection.host
Current Value(s): clear

Help: Run ghost config <key> <new value> for each key to fix the issue.

Debug Information:
Node Version: v6.12.2
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.4.1
Environment: production
Command: ‘ghost setup’


did you give the proper MYSQL login credits?


its DigitalOcean one-click ghost install? or Manual?


If the ghost is not for you, Try one of these.


Ghost is buggy. I m moving to Hugo CMS.


2 days before installing ghost without issue bro


Whats your view on Jekkyl & Muse CMS


I am tried Jekkyl no idea about MUSE CMS