What Platform is great for blogging: Any body using Ghost?


Recommend the best one you find best.

  1. Ghost
  2. Expression Engine
  3. Light CMS
  4. Squarespace
  5. Weebly
  6. Medium


yup using Ghost CMS :slight_smile:
Perfect CMS for Blogging :100:


Heard good reviews about Ghost and Medium, we can also include Tumblr here, it’s pretty minimal and clean. :slight_smile:


But I have one question about Ghost

Can we use WordPress plugin in ghost cms?


no bro ghost is built from Node.js


Can you share me your blog on Ghost, Let me have some renowned blogs running on Medium as well?


check your DM bro :slight_smile:


Thanks…What do you think about Hugo CMS?


it is a static site generator Framework build using GO programming Language
No control Panel Like Ghost
create / Manage Everything from command lines
using Hugo for 3 months later moved to Ghost


I started web-dev on Symfony framework. Later caught up in WordPress wave. Now, planning to learn Laravel. Any other options?


what kind of website you are going to build?
Laravel is Good Option to Build our Own CMS and Blogs
check CodeIgniter :fire:


For Blog & CMS.
What platform & RAM is needed for Laravel Project to run smooth.



Digitalocean 10$ or 20$ Plan [Also Check Linode]
RAM 1 or 2GB
OS - Ubuntu


Great Post
Personally, I am using

  • Wordpress
  • Ghost CMS [Promising Blogging Platform :100: ]
  • Blogger


I am trying to get Ghost installed on Ubuntu-14.04- Google Cloud-
Anyway to update npm? npm 1.3.10


Use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

use node.js Stable Version Lower version won’t work properly

Ghost Supported Node Versions


  • Uninstall the Lower Version
 sudo apt-get purge nodejs
  • Install Latest LTS Version your can Install Node.js 6.x or 8.x
curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_6.x | sudo -E bash 
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Node.js LTS Version List


wow!! Just got some good info :smiley: Never heard of Ghost :stuck_out_tongue: so I’ll be checking it out and hopefully will post my review here as well.


At last, took a DigitalOcean Ghost Instance. Now looking for some minimalist themes for Ghost.


Cool :slight_smile:

you can Easily Install Manually too :100:

Install Ghost on Ubuntu

default theme looks Minimal and Good one bro

Also, check out My Ghost theme

working one some extra Features and Improvements