What Paid/Premium Services are worth your money


I find Google Play Rs.99/month worth your money. It finds your genre taste & location to play music.

Backblaze- Unlimited Backups $5/month
Vultr Sandbox- Cloud VPS $2.5/month
LinkedIn Business - Send Inmails


I am not using any premium Service. :smile:


These are the top 5 premium services I love bro:

  1. Grammarly Premium

  2. MS Office

  3. Netflix

  4. QuickBooks

  5. NordVPN


I have used Quickbooks -Decent product for the price. Later moved to WaveApps.


How’s this service bro? Anything special, worth checking out?


Yep, I m using it to bill. I can even charge per hour.
If you are ok to spend a few bucksI strongly suggest go for https://billyapp.com/