What is your method of creating a new WordPress blog?


I think this might be very useful for newbie bloggers. I need your opinions or mode of operandi while starting with a new blog. Still if you are not clear about what exactly I am asking, I will tell you my answer on the same.

  • First I will set up a local version of WordPress installation along with all the demo data installed in my local machine (XAMP server). This is for reference. Every time when I hit a road block on theme feature, I can refer this installation.

  • Will prepare at least 5 articles with all the images and copy.

  • I will install latest version of WordPress on my actual live (production) server. During installation I will disable search engine visibility. Install my theme, without the demo data.

  • Will configure SSL, SEO Plugin and all other necessary plugins.

  • Next I will start adding the posts which I have created earlier to the production website once per day. I will not configure the theme home page as per the demo since I don’t have enough content to do that in the beginning. So I will go with default blog layout provided by WordPress.

  • Once I created at least 5 posts, I will enable the search engine visibility and proceed to the next usual steps (configuring google analytics and all).

So this is my plan of creating a new WordPress blog. Is this method correct ? What is your preference ? How do you start ?


Thanks for sharing this detailed procedure @jitheshkt. :slight_smile:

Whenever I start a new blog (a blog under Slashsquare blog network), I first kickstart the Social Media profiles. Like, as of now, we have FoodGravy for Food, and we don’t have a blog yet. We just have a Facebook Page/Group and a Twitter profile actively. So what we do is, we’ll analyze this niche properly, build a community around the brand and then kickstart our WordPress blog.

Apart from this, I prepare some articles in a draft, at least for the next 2 months. That’s all on my side, I’ll create/start a new WordPress blog asap and then start to publish the articles slowly. Maybe 1-2 articles per day for a week. I’ll make sure the blog gets comfortable with search engines like Google. Then, I’ll publicly announce the blog! :smiley:


Here’s my go: I login into my DigitalOcean account, spin a WordPress instance and start working on it. As simple as it can get. :smiley: