What is your first online income, how you got and when?


My first online income was only $2 by writing a blog post for a guy named Jai located in Kolkata. I have made it on July 2016 ( forgotten the exact date ). I got my money via freecharge. So what’s you story, share it with the community.


My first online income was a ‘paid/sponsored’ post on our HBB blog. It was a surprise for me, because when I saw the email I was actually excited that I’m going to review a software, but later realized I’m also going to get paid for that. Priceless moment. :’) It was $20.


Yes pradeep bro,

Even though it was a very small income ( when compared to our income right now ), It is really a priceless moment. Not only for you and me, for each and every one.

At that time, Do you know whether you can make money blogging or not ?


I knew about Google AdSense but I didn’t know Blogging will become my full-time profession bro. :’)



Cute answer. A small question:

Why and how you decided to make blogging your full time job ?


It’s probably because of the freedom to express your views and still make a living out of it bro. :slight_smile:


Mine was something different. I assembled some group of students from Textile college that is DKTE. Which is one of the top 10 textile colleges.

I though that we would start an website and also form good online textile community. But here we drastically grown up to different countries.

People started contacting us.

We started this textile community to give useful resources to the students. No matter where they are from. We also made sure that every student is connected with each other from different colleges.

But, this happened in an opposite way. Now we handle all textile colleges in India. And many different colleges from outside India are joining.

But we did not think about the investment we are doing. We invested in getting proper information, resources to these people.

Now we have more offline growth than online.

Every textile college now has an group named TextileMates. That’s cool😊

Then we had an question. We invested this much how are we going to earn? Out of nowhere big companies started contacting us. They started funding us😉 then they also stated to gain many statistics from us.

Now they have also started to pay us for good kind of students information. Now we provide jobs.

This was just an beginning of my story.

I’m not an textile student. But then too I think there is also great opportunities in offline. But now we are heading towards forming an bigger online community.

Hope this was an bigger message from me. Tell me how do you feel.



It seems a bit different compared to stories of me and pradeep.

But, This is really a big acheivement. Because getting funds from top companies isn’t a small thing.

Hope you achieve more.


Ya it’s a kind of different story


My Income was 200INR for writing an article of 400 words related to education niche.I got that payment in may 2015.I celebrated a small soft drink party with that 200INR :frowning: as well.


Really cool bro,

Thanks for sharing your story with the community


4$ for writing about a startup site :neutral_face: Even adsense revenue was not 4$ at that time…got paid via paytm.
And found that guy via HBB fb group :heart_eyes:



It’s really a good story.

And we can easily tell that HBB forum is a connecting source for bloggers


I think my first online income was from some ad network which has ceased exist.

It was $12 paid through Cheque.


Pavan Bro,

Congrats first of all, When you got the $12 payment ?


Thanks bro.

I think it was about 4-5 years ago.


My first online income was thro’ Google Adsense, some 9 years back.


Still i have not earned anything from online yet!


Frist Income By Selling Edu Email For A Guy Named Krish Parmar He Payed Me 1k Through Paytm Next Day I received $19 From Shorte.st


I used to sell products on Ebay…it while back in 2013. The profits was around Rs.500 to Rs.700 on each product.