What is the optimum keyword density for Seo


Yesterday, I have successfully installed and setup yoast seo in my new wordpress blog.

While I am writing a blog post and input a focus keyword, I have seen, Keyword density is low.

I don’t know, anything about keyword density.

After searching for sometime, I have found a formula to keyword density.

So please tell me, What is the optimum keyword density for SEO.

How can I write a keyword rich or SEO friendly article?

Keyword density means a percentage of times your keyword appears in blog post compared to the total number of words count on your blog post.

For Example, You have added keyword 4 times in the post, and total word count of an article is 1650 then the formula will work like:

(4 x 100) / 1650 = 0.24% Keyword Density

If you have upto 1-3% of keyword density, It’s good for ranking. I always keep my blog post keyword density around 2%.


Very quick kevin,

But, I tried to keep a keyword density of 1.5%, but It is looking like spam. It is like, I am stuffing keywords in my blog posts. Is there any way to resolve it ?

We need to maintain a good keyword density, I’ll agree with it, But is there any way to place keywords without making the article spammy ?


I agree with what @Kevin_Johnson said, but to be honest, I would just like to do all these ‘keyword density’ thing naturally. Suppose if you are writing a review, say “iPhone 7 Plus Review”, then just be natural and you don’t need to stress the fact that you are targeting this specific keyword… write it as a blogger, and then read it as a reader, if you are okay with both, then you are perfect to publish it. :slight_smile:


Yes, Bro, Now i totally understood. I like your words, Write it as a blogger and read it as a Reader.


2% to 5% keyword density is fine. But it is always preferred to keep it around 2.5%. 5% is a high value and it is not preferred.


If you are writing normally without focusing on it, you can easily hit 1-2%. Just make sure it don’t look like it is stuffed between sentences.
Try to include the keywords in H2, H3, H4 tags if it is possible, this will pull the density and will help a bit in ranking too.


Keyword density is old myth and yoast should not display it.

Matt cutts already talk about that in 2011 but still such plugins does not talk about the reality.

Google is semantic search engine, and semantic does not use anything like density. It’s a about understanding natural thing.