What is the most difficult part related to blogging, you have to face as a blogger, that you need to do regularly?


Many of us are core bloggers here. We are all engaged in creating millions of new and fresh web pages every month on the internet. So, I wanted to ask you all, what is the most difficult (or you may call it boring if you like) part of your blogging lifestyle?

Difficult in a sense: You know you need to do it, but you don’t know how to do it.
Boring in a sense: You know you need to do it, and you know how to do it, but you feel energetic doing it.

Let’s discuss our most common struggles and hurdles and maybe we can help each other with the solutions. :wink:

Just 2 Criteria to Follow:

It should be related to blogging only (Yes, Making Backlinks is also a part of blogging, but what I mean, I am not asking about Facebook Promotions of your Blog article here)

It should be something you need to do regularly, I mean its a part of your regular blogging life. You need to go through it.

Let’s start. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:

The most difficult part of my blogging lifestyle is updating old posts. No, I am not saying that I don’t get time for updating old post, or I get confused which post to update when, or what is the right way to update it.

I actually mean to say this: When I am writing the post originally, I have a picture of the overall idea of the post in my mind, and I write it down accordingly. But after some weeks, or even some months, when there is something important to update, I could surely write the update part well, but I have to struggle in fitting the updated part with the existing part.

Many bloggers write the update separately in the first paragraph or last paragraph of the existing post, but in some cases, we need to change a major part of the post itself. That time, the old idea vs new idea clashes :wink:


I totally agree with this bro. This is the most uncomfortable yet responsible part for us, we need to update our articles regularly. Outdated information will annoy our readers, so it’s our duty to avoid that. :slight_smile:

And IMO, the most difficult part related to Blogging is SEO. :frowning: Whenever I write any article… I just write it randomly, like directly from my heart, I just use my hands and type freely. But, after completing the article, I have this feeling that, this article is definitely good, but will I be able to outrank my competitors? Nope, so let me edit it further for search engines like Google.… add all the natural keywords. This is good, this is how professional blogging will be, but still, somewhere in my heart, I feel like I’m killing my natural writing style… this is hard for every blogger out there!


IMO building comment backlinks is the boring part of Blogging for me. Just going to random sites and doing the same repetitive task of signing up and filling captchas then speedreading the article and writing a related comment… phew :sweat_smile:

Even Guest Posting is more interesting than this but it requires more effort…