What is the best alternate for AdSense for regional websites?



As you already know Google AdSense program supports only Hindi when it comes to regional languages in India. So what is the best alternate to make some money (at-least to maintain the cost to run the website) ? Any other service ?


This is definitely an interesting question bro, even I googled, but I couldn’t find a proper ad network for “Tamil” regional language, unfortunately. :frowning: Maybe you can try Infolinks, Media.net, MGID, etc. bro… I’ll definitely update this post if I find a good one. :slight_smile:


Thanks bro. Our regional languages (Tamil for you, Malayalam for me :slight_smile: ) have so much potential. You don’t even have to do SEO and rankings. Just a potential facebook page is required to get good amount of traffic.


True that bro! Even “The Hindu (Tamil)” is doing good I guess, once you become a premium AdSense user, you can configure easily. :slight_smile:


Just a quick update. Google AdSense now supports the Tamil language, I hope they cover all the regional languages soon. :slight_smile: