What is cpa marketing. help for a beginner



HI there i want to know about CPA marketing. what is it how can i start .precautions to take. need answers from the people who have tried and have knowlegde


How to start it?

  1. Go and signup to any CPA ad network, like MundoMedia. Maxbounty and Peerfly is not no.1 CPA ad network, they have lower payout + lower conversation rate.

  2. Whatever you read on other blog(like Neilpatel, Backlinko, lukepeerfly) about CPA marketing is pure BS, only follow few blogs like charlesngo.com, malandarras.com, www.matuloo.com and iamattila.com. Charles does not share more tricks, but he is good for inspiration.

  3. Knowledge is not free in CPA marketing and nobody will share their profitable campaigns live, you need to find yourself all things, so get read to loose some money initially.

  4. Don’t join forum like warrioforum, and affiliatefix they are pure BS, the only real forum for CPA marketing is Stack That Money.

  5. How to get success? Just don’t give up, and when you lose money don’t upset as well. And don’t ping anyone to get help. Nobody will teach you live CPA marketing, because the real one are busy. Your best friend is only your affliate manager, so talk nicely and become their good friends. Only your affliate manager will help you in each steps.