What is best way to check plagiarism of articles



hi friends,
wanted to know what is the best way to check our articles for plagiarism?


bro, Use Grammarly premium or Use this free tool http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/


You mean to correct grammars or you want to know how much content is copied from somewhere else?


I use two methods these days bro:

1. Google “Search”

I take a line from our article and search them on Google using double quotes " ". By this, I can easily figure out the websites which copied our content, here, this website took our paragraph and gave credits, I was able to find this easily.

2. Grammarly Premium

Grammary Premium has this plagiarism checker. This feature is really handy.

USEFUL: How to get Grammarly Premium account plan (FREE) [UPDATED]


Step 1: Goto blogger.com and create a testing blog.

Step 2: Publish the article on the blog

Step 3: Goto copyscape.com and enter the post url to check plagiarism.

Step 4: Delete the test post.

Done :slight_smile:


i wanted to check my artcile whether it is plagiarismed or not with a free tool


Then I would suggest the “Google” method itself bro, it works good enough. :slight_smile:


Small seo tools :confused: website is good for this.