What is best way to check plagiarism of articles


(Mude Murali Naik) #1

hi friends,
wanted to know what is the best way to check our articles for plagiarism?

(Vigneswaran S) #2

bro, Use Grammarly premium or Use this free tool http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/

(Arjunsinh Chauhan) #3

You mean to correct grammars or you want to know how much content is copied from somewhere else?

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

I use two methods these days bro:

1. Google “Search”

I take a line from our article and search them on Google using double quotes " ". By this, I can easily figure out the websites which copied our content, here, this website took our paragraph and gave credits, I was able to find this easily.

2. Grammarly Premium

Grammary Premium has this plagiarism checker. This feature is really handy.

USEFUL: How to get Grammarly Premium account plan (FREE) [UPDATED]

(Anurag Sharan) #5

Step 1: Goto blogger.com and create a testing blog.

Step 2: Publish the article on the blog

Step 3: Goto copyscape.com and enter the post url to check plagiarism.

Step 4: Delete the test post.

Done :slight_smile:

(Mude Murali Naik) #6

i wanted to check my artcile whether it is plagiarismed or not with a free tool

(Pradeep Kumar) #7

Then I would suggest the “Google” method itself bro, it works good enough. :slight_smile:

(Somesh Kumar Patel) #8

Small seo tools :confused: website is good for this.