What happens if donot submit our site map to search console?



Can we still get organic traffic and get ranked if we do not submit the Site map to the search console?


Of course, it’s possible bro, see Google will definitely find your website (unless if you block it via robots.txt or somehow), they’ll crawl it and they’ll index the content, let it be articles, images, blah blah. But, the advantage of using Search Console is, you’ll how the ‘status’ of Google’s relationship with your website. :slight_smile:


Yes yes, you can still get organic traffic.

First of I want to clear your doubt. Sitemap is not a ranking factor. It is SEO techniques which help you to crawl your site smoothly and so on your content get indexed in Google.

Google just crawl links everywhere, and sitemap is one of them. So sitemap just help you to index your site content on Google. Wikipedia does not have any sitemap, but their internal link structure is good, and hence their site is crawl often.

If you want to know how Google crawl website, then checkout this old white paper.