What are the common link building hacks for short & long term blogs?



i have just started a new blog
its actually of games niche and i also have a micro niche blog with a particular game for the same :nerd_face:
So i just needed some tips from pro people as of how should i start link building for them :smiley:


Yo @Saiyam_Chutani, I hope it’s a long-term blog because you’ll invest your ‘time’ for this.

1. Without content, there is no point in generating backlinks, so try to make your blog complete with some good quality articles. Invest your time on content writing first.

2. Find the list of ‘popular’ and ‘active’ Gaming niche websites/blogs in India and all over the world. Naturally, leave your comment on their latest articles. This is not exactly for building quality backlinks, but more like networking as well.

3. Find another set list of ‘popular’ and ‘active’ gaming niche websites/blogs, then write guest articles there. Follow this tip here:

4. Since this will be a new blog, I wouldn’t suggest you to post about ‘News’ kind of articles, you can’t get much traffic. Instead, start to post about ‘solutions.’ Find the problem for which people need answers desperately. You can use ‘Quora’ for inspiration.

5. Try to play and review small-scale games, let it be Windows, iOS or Android, you can download them and start to play. You can write a review for them, and then, pitch those reviews to the game developers. They’ll be interested in giving a back link on their future press releases or even a social media shout out will be good.

Kindly focus on these 5 first, and then, you can expand your link building process. :slight_smile:


If possible create a video reviews and post it on youtube and always add your review article link in description. This will drive more traffic to your blog via youtube.