What are the best tools for Affiliate site (New)


Please tell about responsive theme and plugins we should use for a newly created affilate website.
And best ways to optimize the site.


I would suggest the following plugins, bro:

1. ThirstyAffiliates (+ all their add-ons)

2. WP Coupons

3. Bitly (Use a custom domain name for this!)

4. WP Rich Snippets or Schema Ninja

5. EasyAzon (If you are into Amazon Associates.)

I’m not sure about any free WordPress themes bro but do check out ThemeForest, you’ll find plenty of Affiliate related themes there. Let us know if you have any more queries, please. :slight_smile:


Do u have premium thristy affilate?

Can we get premium for free anyhow.


You can try to contact them and ask for a free ‘copy’ in exchange for a ‘review’ on your website bro. :slight_smile:


My blog is new, Will they give review copy for a new blog not having traffic.


Good question, they may not give, but it all depends on how you pitch this to them. :slight_smile: