Weird Webmaster Issue! Any Solution?


Anyone knows the solution for this issue?

Im seeing errors in Webmaster but when I test it, no error shows up.

I think this is because of the feature image that I had hid in the post but when I “Turn Off” the feature image in the post.


If you turn off the “featured image” option, you are not getting this error @Rishabh? :slight_smile:


Still I got the issue bro. I tried it in the beginning.


Then, unfortunately, it’s something to do with your theme bro, I remember reading an article where adding a class like “vcard” to your existing PHP code will solve this issue, kindly look into this. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, try changing your theme and see if this issue appears mate.


Let me see if it resolves by adding vcard.

Btw does Structured error effects SEO?


Incorrect markup might not affect your blog’s overall SEO status, but sometimes, it’ll fluctuate the way your articles appear in SERP if the structured data errors are high.


Problem is with theme. But, this type of erros can’t affect on ranking. Dont worry. And dont turn-off “featured image”.