Web 2.0 Backlinks confustion



I’ve read various articles on web 2.0 backlinks and really learned cool things about web 2.0.
But some information is missing or asking it, might be the silly question.

I want to know some things please help me out,
1: How many Tumblr accounts can I create with one yahoo id for making backlinks?
2: How many links to money site can I use in one post of web2.0 as well as in one web2.0 blog? Can I target different post of money site in a same web2.0 with a different keyword?

Thank You


Hi @utsavchopra, web 2.0 is pretty cool indeed. :slight_smile:

You can create only one Tumblr account via Yahoo! ID, but you can create sufficient number of blogs in that Tumblr account.

3-4 links as long as they look natural mate. The trick is to forget that they are money sites.

I wouldn’t honestly suggest this bro. If it looks like spamming, then you need to reconsider your money site strategy. It’s not just about building backlinks, it’s about relevancy as well.


This is the complete guide for Web 2.0
Grab a cup of coffee before reading this


Hello Pradeep,

That’s a wonderful answer, all my doubts are clear now.
One more question: Like how many blogs can I create with one tumblr account? and can I use those blogs for building links for same site?


Hello Rajan,

I already read this guide, thanks for share.
But after that I also read many other blog post.
The question I asked above, is not there in any guide.

Btw thanks for help.


Hello @Rajan,

I have read the complete guide of Ifti on Web 2.0.

there Evan mentioned said that to diversify your web 2.0 URL with keywords in a sub-domain.
And later you said that
“You can use the same ID for “one keyword 2.0’s”. Like you can use the same account for a set like “something.blogspot.com ” “something.tumblr.com” etc, but when you’re targeting another set of keywords, use another ID for all the 2.0’s on that keyword !”
I don’t get your exact point?
Please explain


Try to make it look real…It completely depends on your method…I would recommend using different accounts.


I haven’t seen any official mention for the count bro. :frowning: [quote=“utsavchopra, post:4, topic:578”]
and can I use those blogs for building links for same site?

I wouldn’t suggest this… my first answer… do this naturally, not just for building backlinks.


Yes, it would be considered as spam! I agree.