Watch Age restricted (18+) YouTube Videos without Signing in!



By default YouTube won’t allow us to watch inappropriate (18+) videos without signing/logging in, you need to log in so that YouTube believes you are 18+ and you are allowed to watch this video without any issue.

But this restriction is pretty annoying when you are in a strange browsing center or if you are watching a video on your not-so-trusted friend’s smartphone/laptop. I’m sure you might not like risking your YouTube/Google account details. So is there any way to access that age-restricted YouTube video? There is an easy trick for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Search for your desired 18+ video, being a movie freak, I ended up typing “raw movie trailer 18+”, and we clicked on the first search result. Since we didn’t sign in and it’s an 18+ trailer video, YouTube requested us to log in and check the video. But what you can do is, below the YouTube video, go to Embed > Show More and tada, here is your age-restricted YouTube video, you can now watch it even without your YouTube account details. You can easily bypass YouTube’s restriction for this video.

This is a pretty easy workaround which most of us won’t know, but definitely worth it.

Playing YouTube video(s) in continuous loop repeatedly?

You Tricked google bro :smiley:
Too good!


Another method:

Copy the video URL, in this case, it is

Now, replace it youtube with ssyoutube to get its download link.

Now, get its direct download link and open VLC Media Player and then, Open Network Stream and :smile: