Want to remove your Facebook Page from Business Manager?



When I first came to know about Facebook’s Business Manager, I badly want to try it and make the most out of it. I actually used it for some weeks, it was good, but honestly, it’s not something very easy to use at the beginning. You might get confused… sometimes even annoyed. This is kinda the advanced version of Facebook Ads Manager, but alas.

It’s not as easy as accessing your normal Facebook page, you can’t even use your regular Facebook app to manage your page, you need the exclusive ‘Pages’ app for this. So, if you are getting irritated by all these restrictions, then you can easily remove your current ‘page’ from Business Manager easily.

Removing Facebook Pages from Business Manager

When I first came across the option “Remove,” I was actually scared because I thought it’ll remove the “Page” completely from my account, but instead, it just removes it from your Business Manager and reverts back to your normal Page management section.

That’s all! Now you can just use your Facebook page normally without any tedious procedure. Let us know if you have done this for your page, or you are still using Business Manager? :slight_smile: