Want to reactivate your disabled Facebook Ad account?



If your Facebook Ad account is disabled/deactivated by Facebook for some reasons, then there is a way to get your account back. We all use Facebook Ads for several purposes, we experiment a lot with them to increase traffic/conversions. But if you are going to do this in a way that hurts Facebook and their advertisers, then they will disable your Facebook ad account, maybe forever. But you can try your best…

Use this form to contact Facebook and request them to reactivate your disabled Facebook ad account, but remember this clearly, if you have misused or didn’t follow Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines properly, then I don’t really think Facebook will be generous to reactivate it… but again, if it’s a normal mistake, then they will definitely enable your Ad account back without any issue.

If you are confused why your account is suspended, then recollect all your previous ads, whether you used any profane language? Was your landing page misleading? Any pirated or adult content? Just see all your ads, there could be something odd about some strategies you applied.

Follow “Facebook Forms” tag to check all the necessary “Forms” to contact Facebook!

Your Facebook Ad disapproved? You can appeal back and get approved!