Want to find when your blog posts are getting indexed?


If you have a newly launched blog or if your blog is facing some issues with Google, then you might be worried about your blog’s index status… like when it’ll be indexed, why it’s taking time, blah blah. We faced this issue when we kickstarted our forum. There is a trick to index blog posts quickly, but how can you figure out when exactly the blog posts/articles are getting indexed by Google?

Thanks to Google Alerts, we can get an idea, when our blog posts are getting indexed… or first appeared. Go to Google Alerts and create a new alert for your blog’s domain name, say “hellboundbloggers.com”. You’ll find a section like this below:

Here, for “How often”, select “As-it-happens” and other options are just random ones, you can pick it according to your requirements. Select the email address to get the notifications and save the post! That’s all you have to do here. So whenever “hellboundbloggers.com” appears on Google search results, I’ll get an email about that. Since we mentioned “hellboundbloggers.com”, we also got the ‘index’ notifications for our forum URL ‘forum.hellboundbloggers.com’ as well, that’s pretty cool for us.

This is how the email will be, and you can see the date as well here. You can use this simple tip to get an idea about your blog’s current relationship with Google, and you can work hard to improve that further. :smiley:

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I started my blog almost 1 year. I have posted weekly 1 article. But I am not getting any search traffic yet. Here is my blog Myblogtech . Do you please have a look and let me know whats going wrong with my blog?


Hi @siful_moni, apart from posting articles on your website, did you do anything, extra mate? :slight_smile:


commenting on other relevant blogs, social media promotion, giving effort on Quora


Your blog overall authority depends on how many people mention your articles in their articles bro… it’s like ‘trust’ or ‘reference’ or even ‘resource’… so whenever this happens, Google thinks that, okay this article is getting backlinks from so many good sources, let’s rank it better… :frowning:


So it would be better to concentrate on guest blogging and link building more and more?


Idea is somehow good. :slight_smile:


Let’s not just focus on guest blogging alone, we can try to do so many natural things as well, instead of writing a quality article, you can invest a little bit of time extra and write an eBook, promote that and make it huge. Then, automatically other sources will start to link your website, bro! :slight_smile:


I have plan to write an ebook really. Would you please give me proper direction to promote it then i would be grateful to you :slight_smile:


Do kindly update me asap the eBook is done bro, I’ll definitely do the needful and help you out. :slight_smile: