Want suggestion on seo for my website


i have a website Contestwingo.com Please suggest me how to improve my SEO and my google page ranking.


Do kindly elaborate what your website is about bro. :slight_smile:


Do you heard about online contests where winner will get free prize? actually i am updating all types of contests/giveaways(facebook,twitter,instagram,gleam etc). on my website so contestants can find contest easily and participate. i am already a contest player and win many prizes. Please check my website and give me advise… Thanks for your reply :kissing_heart:


I’m not exactly sure about any specific SEO tactics for this website bro, but if you make it as a brand, then you can start a group, and you can post all the contests/giveaways etc there, that’ll help you to gain good traffic.


i already have a facebook pages with 5,800+ likes but i need traffic through google.:relieved:


Prepare a specific list of keywords related to contests, giveaways, etc., mate, I’m sure people will search for terms like “iPhone giveaway” or “Goa Free Trip” something like that. Build backlinks for these keywords and I’m sure it’ll help your blog to get decent orgranic traffic.


iPhone giveaway Like this??


Yes, but the one you shared is broken.


hmm thanks next time i will built my website backlinks like this


Hey, @Gurubhai, I checked your site and have some suggestions -

  • Your blog’s post content is too short! Try adding images and videos to make the content longer and descriptive.
  • I think your blog is new so wait for Google to properly index it.
  • Use Search Engine Console to increase SERP’s ranking.
  • To increase giveaway opt-in rate, embed the giveaway widget in the posts, so that users can directly enter the giveaway.

These are some suggestions for your blog.
Hope This Helps :slight_smile:


yes my website is only one month old and what about backlinks ?


First focus on content and on page SEO, then after some months think about backlinks.


Select keywords with low competition and optimize blog posts using on page seo. To add some more power build backlinks slowly. when you have enough backlinks ( here quality matters not quantity) , Try to rank for keywords with medium competition


One biggest mistake that you are doing right now which will affect you is with your bounce rate.

You’ve added external links but when clicked it opens in the same tab.

Right now do put all the links in new tab…First and imp


Thnks bro your point is resnbl but can u tell me how to do that??


Click on the links added and select open in new tab…This all should be done in editor


Hi Gurubhai,

For best SEO ranking just good work,but some points to consider for best ranking :slight_smile:

Improve engagement to improve rankings
Make your existing pages longer
Focus on YouTube SEO
Improve site speed
Focus on topics instead of keywords
Build backlinks
Reporting and analytics
Technical optimization
Local SEO and Listings
Guest posting


Try to put some high quality content on your blog. Seems content is spun on your website. Why spun if you can hire high quality freelance writers from platforms like contentmart, fiverr etc at cheap price!


i cant understand Youtube SEO ?


Hi @Gurubhai,

I had a look at your blog and found few things. These might be very basic but can help you in significant ways:

  1. Your permalinks are not properly optimized. See below:


Work on this.

  1. Create a favicon for your website. Looks more professional.

  2. As @nitishk mentioned, post content is too short. Try having posts with good word count. Include relevant and videos also.

  3. Justify your content. It does not look good.

  4. Most of the page is filled with Ads only. Maybe content is very less that’s why it looks so. As mentioned, work on 2nd point.

  5. Try having some subscribers forms so that visitors can subscribe to your blog. It will help you to convert your visitors into your regular readers and audience.

That’s all :slight_smile: All the best :smiley: