Using Quora for Basic Keyword Research & Analysis!



You might be using Quora regularly for reading answers or answering questions, but if you are a Blogger or Digital Marketer, then you should know Quora is also a very efficient platform for doing Keyword Research easily. But, before getting started, you need to understand, Keyword Research is nothing but the Keywords which are popular and relevant, the keywords you type when you face a problem or when you want to learn about something. Fortunately, this is where Quora fits perfectly for us.

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Using Quora for Keyword Research!

I’m a Movie Blogger running MoviesDrop, and whenever I feel like publishing articles to generate good search traffic, I used to spend some time and work on some strategies. I’m a big fan of “Horror Movies,” so I made a list of topics/queries I will search on Google + I made a small analysis of what others will seek as well.

Open Quora and search for “Horror Movies”, you’ll find plenty of queries there… these are the keywords you need to target. I browsed some questions and picked 10+ keywords I should seriously consider because I personally like them and I believed they’ll have a great potential in the future as well.

The questions will be like “What are the most terrifying horror movies?”, “Which are some of the must-watch horror movies?”, “What are some creepy horror movies that you shouldn’t watch alone?”, etc. The trick is to figure out the keyword from each question and list them separately.

best horror movies

favorite horror movies

good horror movies 

horror and torture movies 

terrifying horror movies 

must watch horror movies

creepy horror movies 

underrated horror movies

lesser-known horror movies

best horror movies on Netflix

unconventional horror movies 

I just picked these keywords from the questions they asked. If they can ask this question on Quora, then they would also type this on Google as well. Possible, right?

Do You Know? Google scans the Keyword(s) in your Images for ranking!

Some of the keywords I mentioned above are extremely difficult to rank, but that’s what makes this interesting. Keyword Research is not just about finding proper keywords but to be patient and build adequate resources to achieve those ranks.

If you have LongTailPro (LTP), you can open that, or you can use or Google AdWords Keyword Planner for this, it’s a free tool but with limited features, unfortunately.

I’m going to use here. Create an account if you haven’t and use the “Import” option to add all your keywords!

After importing, you can see the list of Keywords and their related data here. We are using the free version, so we have limited features here, this is more than enough to get started at the moment.

You can have a look at all these details, but after that, click on “Export” > “Export with Metrics” option.

KWFinder Export With Metrics

Open this .csv file with MS Excel or any other Spreadsheet program.

So, this is the data you need for Basic Keyword Research! You can add as many keywords (short or long-tail) and expand your research data. I usually avoid the ‘Difficulty’ and focus on the ‘Search Volume.’ Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this below. :slight_smile:


Great share bro :slight_smile: Quora is love :heart_eyes:, BTW We can apply this same tutorial with discussion forums to find some good keywords.


Yes bro, why not, forums are an interesting way to analyze what people think and convey. :slight_smile:


Hello @Pradeep
Thanks for sharing this information.
Though I am an account holder, I am not much active there. I never knew this potential aspect of Quora. Will surely look into this.


Totally agree, Quora is the best platform to do keyword research not only that we get good links to the website from Quora.