Using Casino / Gambling / Poker Paid Links On Your Blog Posts?



Okay, so this is one of the most debated questions we all face during our Blogging journey. We often avoid or accept emails from various agents and brands requesting to keep ‘paid’ links on our blog posts, and those links will be related to Casino, Gambling or Poker niches.

Bloggers mostly avoid this due to two main reasons:

  1. Google hates paid links.

  2. Casino, Gambling and Poker are irrelevant to your main niche.

You don’t really want to keep a casino paid link on your food blog or your gadget blog, it won’t generally make any sense.

But, still, Bloggers usually accept this offer due to two main reasons (again):

  1. Instant easy money (literally without doing anything).

  2. You might have a plan to remove the link later.

I’m sure, if you are a Blogger, you will agree with these points. People pay like $100 to $200 for a single paid link, and Bloggers badly want to accept this deal because some are still struggling with poor Google AdSense CTR and AdSense AdBlock.

If you ask me whether you should accept this or not, then let me give you some solid answers on how you should proceed with this:

  1. Are you making enough money from your blog? If yes, totally forget this deal.

  2. Are you not making enough money from your blog? If yes, then follow #3, #4, #5 and #6 points.

  3. There are tonnes of ways to monetize your blog, but still, if you are struggling to pay for your hosting or your blogging expenses, then feel free to experiment with this, there is no wrong or right in this business, it’s all about your mindset and clear vision.

  4. If you are getting a casino link request, then make sure you post something related to this on your blog. Let’s take your gadgets blog for example. If you are going to write about ‘iPhone 6s review’ and keep your casino link there, then this is totally idiotic and Google will ban you for sure. What you can do is, you can create a post like “5 Best Apps For Playing Casino Games On Your Mobile”. Now, this is something matching both your blog niche and the paid link. Try something like this.

  5. Always make sure you keep a proper anchor text for the links. If the website URL is “”, then you can keep the anchor text as “Example” and proceed. Don’t use keyword based anchor texts ever. Also, keep this link naturally on your post, don’t just randomly keep it somewhere without making any sense to the nearby paragraphs or sentences.

  6. Last but not least, don’t accept this paid link deal if you have no idea about the website’s authenticity. There are plenty of scam websites out there and people are getting scammed every day because of this. So always make sure the link is a quality one and the company is a trusted one or not before accepting this deal.

I’m not encouraging the act of illegal paid reviews or links, I’m just supporting it as an ‘Advertisement’ method. Happy Blogging & Earning! Feel free to let me know your queries related to this topic and also share your experiences below. :slight_smile:


That was really an excellent article Pradeep bro. I feel that it all depends on you (bloggers). If you’re earning good from other revenue sources such as Adsense then you don’t need to go with Casino/Gambling related sponsored post. However, if sponsored posts are the main source of revenue then you can consider these as they pay lots of money for a single post.

All you need to make sure is you implement their links so well in your blog that they doesn’t appear as spam.


Thanks PradeepKumar for this valuable information.
In the recent times i experienced this since my page is a multi niche page i accepted few posts.
Thanks for telling more about it.
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Thanks shrivant for the added information in this.
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